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Winery’s near Providence

HOME-cheesewine (2)What is better than relaxing at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn with a glass of wine from a bottle you hand picked from a vineyard in Rhode Island? I do not think you can get much better than that! In Rhode Island there are about half a dozen or so vineyards ranging from family owned to company owned. Many of these vineyards are open year round. They offer tasting’s and some give tours where they explain the wine making process.

Newport Vineyards & Winery opened in 1977 and planted their first grapes there in that same year. The original owner was a retired Captain Richard Alexander, the land is now owned by John and Paul Nunes. The Nunes men own over 60 acres of land in which they grow their award winning wine-making grapes on. Newport Vineyards & Winery have won several awards for their wines and are in the top 50 vineyards in the country by Ice Wine. Newport Vineyards recently opened the Brix Restaurant which has foods that compliment their wines. The Vineyard also offer a hiking trail, yoga classes, farmer’s market, and concerts. Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury Hotel is less than an hour away from Newport Vineyards & Winery so why not go pick your own bottle and drink it in your room? For more information go to Newport Vineyards

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard is located in Little Compton Rhode Island. The land was originally sacred land owned by the Sakonnet Tribe. Once the Plymouth Settlers came over on the Mayflower they created a relationship with the Queen of the Sakonnet people. In 2012 Carolyn Rafaelian, the creator and president of Rhode Island based Alex and Ani jewelry, bought the vineyard. The name has changed to Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard and now hosts charity events, weddings, and concerts there. The vineyard is so well known because of the award winning grapes which produce wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Ports, and much more. There is a café that opens in the spring for visitors. Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard is only 45 minutes from the Historic Jacob Hill Inn and Providence Luxury Hotel For more information about this vineyard please visit Sakonnet Wine.

Diamond Hill Vineyards is a family owned vineyard in Cumberland, Rhode Island. The Berntson family opened the vineyard in 1976, since then the family has been producing over 4 acres of Pinot Noir, and 30 acres of other grapes for wine. This vineyard is especially known for making wines out of other fruits such as apples, blueberries, cranberries, and peaches which are mainly New England Fruits. Located just 20 minutes from Providence. For more information about this vineyard please visit Diamond Hill Vineyards

The Coastal Wine trail which reaches from Cape Cod through Rhode Island has recently extended into the East Coast of Connecticut only 45 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island. The coastal wine trail currently has a total of 10 vineyards. They have a fun passport promotion when visitors have it stamped they can enter into a contest to win several nice prizes. More information can be found at The Coastal Wine Trail

30 minutes east of Historic Jacob Hill Inn and the Providence Luxury Hotel is Westport Vineyards. It is owned by the Russell Family who also own the Buzzards Bay Brewery right next door. The Vineyard is on the coastline of Massachusetts which offers a perfect climate for their grapes. Being able to withstand all different types of weather, the grapes create crisp and award winning wines. Westport Rivers has won over 40 Gold Medals and 100’s of Silver Medals for their wines. The family that owns the vineyard has been open to the public since 1991, and has been growing grapes since the late 80’s. The vineyard hosts wine classes teaching guests about wines, paint nights, trivia nights, author nights, seminars, movie nights and more! If you are looking for more of a place to sit and eat and enjoy a glass of wine well the vineyard has that too! The Russell Gallery Wine Bar is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm to 8 pm. It is an easy drive from Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury to Westport Rivers to enjoy a glass of wine or drive over to their brewery at Buzzards Brewery to enjoy a nice frost mug of beer. For more information please go to Westport Rivers.

A list of all of the vineyards in Rhode Island:

Diamond Hill Vineyards, 3145 Diamond Hill Rd. Cumberland, RI

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, 162 West Main Rd., Little Compton ,RI

Greenvale Vineyards, 582 Wapping Road, Portsmouth, RI

Newport Vineyards and Winery, 909 East Main Rd., Middletown, RI

Langworthy Farm Winery, 308 Shore Rd., Westerly, RI

ShelaLara Vineyards and Winery 21-B Reservoir Rd., Coventry, RI

Nickle Creek Vineyard, 12 King Rd., Foster, RI

Westport Rivers, 417 Hixbridge Rd Westport MA just over the line

We have visited many of the vineyards and wineries around Rhode Island, so when you come to stay with us at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury Hotel all you have to do is just ask. There are so many activities taking place at vineyards, the options are endless, Rhode Island has some amazing vineyards for you!