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Innkeeping Classes near Providence

Historic_Jacob_Hill_InnOver the course of our 26 years of owning our property on Jacob Hill people have asked: “how we got into the Innkeeping business”.  Our story has been told and shared many times around the world, over the internet, in magazines, newspapers and my personal favorite, word of mouth (today its called social media).    In short, after an extensive search all over Rhode Island, we found our Historic property located just 15 minutes from where I grew up. We redecorated and re-purposed it over the years, creating the highest rated lodging property in the Providence area.

For our 20th anniversary of opening our award winning Inn we decided to share our experience with anyone that has the same dream of  becoming an innkeeper. We put together three options so you can find out if you have what it takes:

Option #1 Is a  package which  includes a full day workshop with lunch and over night stay including breakfast at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn. The last two in 2015 & 2016 were so popular we are in the process of planning one for 2017. Please contact us directly if your interested in this option

Option #2 Is our individual hands on approach to learning the business. My husband Bill and I are offering a program for our Inn guests.  For a extra $200 per day per couple you can shadow both of us during our daily Inn activities.  Activities including preparing breakfast,  guest services, marketing and more.  We will fill you in on our personal journey of our 23 years as Innkeepers.  Learn what it took in order to become “One of the Top Ten Inns in America” that we are today!

Option # 3 Is more of a self help recommendation. 26 years ago when we started planning our Bed and Breakfast  we read what ever we could get our hands on. Things have changed in 26 years. A new book that covers current topics is  written by Mary White, president of  BnBFinder.com it is an easy to read reference guide book:  “Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies” is filled with information on becoming an innkeeper. She explains the process and procedures of starting a B&B for beginners.  You can read topics from marketing your Inn better to how to increase profits.  The book is available on Amazon it can even be down loaded to a Kindle

Being and Innkeeper is not for everyone and  becoming an Innkeeper does not mean you have to jump into an expensive commitment, there are other opportunities for example: Innsitting as a career, where one floats from one Inn to another to give the owners a break.

We encourage you to try one of the these options or all three. The important thing is not to miss this opportunity and just get started.  Being an innkeeper is very rewarding, come learn if it is a fit for your future.