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Hotels in Providence, RI- Part Two

Historic_Jacob_Hill_InnThe Hilton Hotel chain with a total of 773,000 rooms world wide puts them in second place as the largest hotel chain after Marriott with 1.1 million rooms.  The Hilton group has four hotels located in Providence, RI.

The Providence Biltmore Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton has 294 rooms on 18 stories.  Located next to the Providence City Hall and across from the bus station.  The Biltmore has free internet for their guests, but does not include breakfast in the room rate. Parking is also an additional $29 per day.  There is no pool on the property.

The hotel was  originally built in 1922 . As a side note from 1924 to 1943 the Historic Jacob Hill Inn in Seekonk was a Hunt Club for the “Who’s, who” crowd. There was at least one major event every year that required a program to be printed which also featured advertising from local businesses. In one program from 1940 the Biltmore Hotel ad quotes the slogan: “Meet me under the clock at the Biltmore”.  Growing up in Rhode Island the Biltmore was always that special place located in the center of Providence.

While doing some additional research on the Biltmore I found a lot of interesting facts about its history that I was totally unaware of. Apparently it is much more famous than I had originally thought, many facts can be found with a simple search on the internet.  I encourage those that like to know the full history  to do their own search.

The Providence Biltmore Hotel Curio Collection By Hilton 11 Dorrance Street, Providence, RI

Front Desk 401-421-0700

Trip Advisor Link:

The Providence Biltmore Hotel Curio Collection by Hilton is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

The Hilton Providence Hotel in downtown is located right off of interstate Route 95 it has  274 rooms on 14 floors and directly next to the Dunkin Donuts Civic  Center a plus if your attending an event there but time it if your not. The Rhode Island Convention Center is also just down the street.  Hilton provides valet parking at $28 and self parking is $25.  Wifi and breakfast is not included in the room rate.  The hotel does have an indoor heated pool so it is perfect for families with young children.

The Hilton Providence Hotel 21 Atwells Avenue Providence, RI

Front Desk  401-831-3900

Trip Advisor Link: 

The Hilton Providence Hotel is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

Another Hilton property in downtown Providence is the Hampton Inn & Suites.   The Hampton Inn is located near Johnson & Wales University in the Financial District of Providence. This hotel has 110 rooms on 11 floors. Valet parking is the only option at the hotel and has a $25 fee.  The hotel offers free hot breakfast and  WIFI.  No restaurant  or room service on premises.

The building was originally constructed in 1926 as the Old Colony Bank. In 2012  Hilton World wide recognized the project for preserving one of the city’s historical landmarks.

The Hampton Inn & Suites Providence 58 Weybossett Street, Providence, RI

Front Desk 401-608-3500

Trip Advisor Link:

The Hampton Inn & Suites Providence  is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

The Hilton Garden  Hotel is located on the edge of Providence with the harbor on one side and Route 195 on the other.  The Hilton Garden has 137 rooms on 6 Floors. There is free Wifi and parking. There is a small restaurant in the bar that provides room service till 9PM but not with in walking distance of other restaurants.

The Hilton Garden  Hotel Providence 220 India Street, Providence, RI

Front Desk 401-272-5577

Trip Advisor Link:

The Hilton Garden  Hotel Providence is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

Another option from the Hilton group in the Providence area is The Hampton Inn in Seekonk, MA just a few miles up the Route 195 Exit 1. The hotel has 91 rooms on 3 floors. A plus is room occupancy tax is less in Seekonk than Providence.   The Hampton Inn Seekonk has free breakfast, wifi and parking. There is also a small outdoor pool available for guests in season.  located adjacent to Seekonk Grand  Prix a great location for families.

The Hampton Inn Seekonk/Providence 1030 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA

Front Desk 508-336-9000

Trip Advisor Link:

The Hampton Inn Seekonk/Providence is rated a Three Diamond by AAA.

A word to the wise: Hilton’s message is “Stop clicking around and get the lowest price” this is a message from basically all lodging properties in response to the OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) Expedia, Hotels.com, Price Line, Booking.com all take any where from 15 to 30% commission and sometimes even charge an additional service fee to the customer. They are very clever to disguise them selves as the direct reservation system for any particular property. No matter if its  a  Hilton, Marriott or a Bed and Breakfast. They hold the hotel hostage, if the hotel does not provide the OTA  with room  inventory the OTA  marks  the hotel  as FULL, directing the customer to another option that they did not want but book because they were fooled into thinking that their original choice was full. I have seen these OTA’s put Inns out of business. Buyer please be aware.

If  all these options are booked up or if your looking for a property that is away from all the traffic and noise. A place you can actually relax and unwind with some space. We may be able to accommodate you at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn “A Providence luxury Hotel”  rates include a hot breakfast, WI-FI, parking, seasonal in ground pool, tennis court, billiards, ping pong, complimentary wine on arrival in room Jacuzzi Tubs and fireplaces. Adults only or teenagers with parents. Link to reservation

Historic Jacob Hill Inn “A Providence Luxury Hotel” 120 Jacob Street, Seekonk, MA 

Front Desk 508-336-9165

 Trip Advisor Link:

Historic Jacob Hill Inn “A Providence Luxury Hotel” is awarded a Four Diamond from AAA


Hotels in Providence, RI – Part One

Historic_Jacob_Hill_InnOver nearly 25 years as Innkeepers in the Providence Metro Area I have lost count of how many times I received that frantic call from a guest that could not find an available room in the city of Providence, capital of Rhode Island. Whether they were trying to book that night, months in advance or some times years in advance; when it comes to Brown Commencement, they tell me there was nothing available. Between graduations, weddings, festivals like Water Fire which takes place a few times a month, conventions or just vacationers fill the many hotel rooms. Sometimes people just do not know where to look, don’t know exactly what they are getting or what other options there are so hopefully this information will shed some light on the topic.

If you are looking for a BIG hotel look no further than Marriott. Not the biggest single Hotel in Providence but Marriott International Inc is one of the largest brand names in the hotel and lodging industry. In every major city you will find some sort of Marriott Hotel. It just so happens that Providence, RI hosts three of the Marriott Hotels.

The Courtyard Hotel by Marriott in downtown Providence holds 219 guest rooms in 7 stories. The wireless internet is free but breakfast is extra. Parking however is somewhat of a challenge in downtown Providence. The hotel offers a parking garage, but the guests will have to pay $26 for 24 hours or choose to walk four blocks to the closest garage. The rooms are all non-smoking and have a microwave, coffee maker, and in some rooms a mini-fridge. The hotel has a business center and a fitness center. The Courtyard Marriott downtown is usually a destination for tourists because of its general proximity to the mall, convention center, and many other Providence key destinations. Being in the center of Providence is a plus, right next to the highway exit, Kennedy Plaza, and the mall.

The Courtyard Hotel by Marriott 32 Exchange Terrace Blvd, Providence RI
Front Desk 401-272-1191

TripAdvisor Link:

The Courtyard Hotel by Marriott is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

The Downtown Marriott is located right off of interstate 95, and directly behind the government buildings and the Capitol building. It holds 351 guest rooms in 6 stories. The hotel has free parking on-site, free-wifi and all the rooms are smoke free, breakfast is an extra fee. The Downtown Marriott has a indoor/outdoor pool with a hot tub and a fitness center. The rooms have a coffee and tea maker. The breakfast on site is an extra charge. What draws many people to this location is the pool which is available in all seasons and is perfect for families with young children that like to splash around.

Providence Marriott Downtown 1 Orms St Providence, RI
Front Desk 401-272-2400

TripAdvisor Link:

The Providence Marriott Downtown is rated a Three Diamond by AAA

The newest Marriott hotel in Providence is the Renaissance Providence Hotel it opened in 2007 and has 272 guest rooms in 9 stories. The hotel is located right next to the Providence Place Mall and the Capitol Building. It is located right off of interstate 95. The hotel has paid valet service for $28/24 hr. or a paid self parking system for $23/24 hr. The hotel has free wifi and there is coffee and tea in the rooms, but the hotel does not offer a free breakfast. If you choose to eat at this location the hotel offers a few dining options. This hotel is the most grand out of the three Marriott hotels because of its view of the Capitol Building and the view of Providence.

As a native of Rhode Island I appreciate the history of this large restoration project, the hotel is housed in a Masonic Temple that remained unfinished since 1928. The building stood as an abandoned eye sore until its complete transformation made possible with Federal tax credits and help from the state of Rhode Island now is one of the most impressive buildings in City of Providence, just beautiful.

The Renaissance Providence Hotel By Marriott located at 5 Avenue of the Arts, Providence, RI
Front Desk 401-919-5000

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The Renaissance Providence Hotel By Marriott was awarded a Four Diamond rating by AAA. We know how hard it is to achieve this prestigious honor as of 2017 The Historic Jacob Hill Inn has maintained a Four Diamond Rating for sixteen years.

Marriott tries to be everything to everyone they understand that sometimes people just want to try something other than a BIG hotel. Many folks don’t know that Marriott has a bed and breakfast which is located in Hume, VA. We have always set our sights on trying to be the best at what we do which during our years we took every opportunity to learn from the leaders in the industry. About 10 years ago my husband and I where passing through Virginia and stayed at the Marriott Ranch Bed and Breakfast. Beautiful property reminded us of our Jacob Hill. We are so glad to see all the upgrades that have recently been done because at the time we left thinking we could give them a lesson or two.

So when the BIG hotels fill up in Providence or you are just looking to spend a little quiet time just out side of the city remember The Historic Jacob Hill Inn Seekonk, MA is just a hair over 5 miles from downtown and easily accessible from Brown University, on the East Side of Providence, just a 10 minute drive with out going on the highway. We would love to have you stay with us while exploring Providence, Rhode Island.

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Innkeeping Classes near Providence

Historic_Jacob_Hill_InnOver the course of our 26 years of owning our property on Jacob Hill people have asked: “how we got into the Innkeeping business”.  Our story has been told and shared many times around the world, over the internet, in magazines, newspapers and my personal favorite, word of mouth (today its called social media).    In short, after an extensive search all over Rhode Island, we found our Historic property located just 15 minutes from where I grew up. We redecorated and re-purposed it over the years, creating the highest rated lodging property in the Providence area.

For our 20th anniversary of opening our award winning Inn we decided to share our experience with anyone that has the same dream of  becoming an innkeeper. We put together three options so you can find out if you have what it takes:

Option #1 Is a  package which  includes a full day workshop with lunch and over night stay including breakfast at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn. The last two in 2015 & 2016 were so popular we are in the process of planning one for 2017. Please contact us directly if your interested in this option

Option #2 Is our individual hands on approach to learning the business. My husband Bill and I are offering a program for our Inn guests.  For a extra $200 per day per couple you can shadow both of us during our daily Inn activities.  Activities including preparing breakfast,  guest services, marketing and more.  We will fill you in on our personal journey of our 23 years as Innkeepers.  Learn what it took in order to become “One of the Top Ten Inns in America” that we are today!

Option # 3 Is more of a self help recommendation. 26 years ago when we started planning our Bed and Breakfast  we read what ever we could get our hands on. Things have changed in 26 years. A new book that covers current topics is  written by Mary White, president of  BnBFinder.com it is an easy to read reference guide book:  “Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies” is filled with information on becoming an innkeeper. She explains the process and procedures of starting a B&B for beginners.  You can read topics from marketing your Inn better to how to increase profits.  The book is available on Amazon it can even be down loaded to a Kindle

Being and Innkeeper is not for everyone and  becoming an Innkeeper does not mean you have to jump into an expensive commitment, there are other opportunities for example: Innsitting as a career, where one floats from one Inn to another to give the owners a break.

We encourage you to try one of the these options or all three. The important thing is not to miss this opportunity and just get started.  Being an innkeeper is very rewarding, come learn if it is a fit for your future.

Providence WaterFire

Water Fire ProvidenceRhode Island’s Gem, “WaterFire”, a festival that brings hundreds of thousands of visitors into the capital city of Providence each year.  Originally an idea created by Barnaby Evans in 1993 for Berlin, turned into a work of art to celebrate the 10th anniversary of First Night Providence.  The next fire was lit in June 1996 for the International Sculpture Conference which was when ardent art supporters convinced Evans to create an ongoing fire installation.  Barnaby Evans decided then to start a grass roots efforts to establish WaterFire as a non-profit arts organization.

Each ceremony is different in its own way.  They all begin at the RI State House at sunset.  On the steeps of the State House the sponsors of that particular WaterFire give a speech, perform, or introduce each event.  From here the crowd follows the sponsors and the flames down towards Water Place Park and the Providence River.  This is were the sponsors and special guests begin to light the rest of the torches placed in a circle around the basin.  During the ceremony music chosen by the creator Barnaby Evans is played. The music differs from a variety of ritual, religious and nature.  Special orchestras and singers have also been known to perform during the events.  Those attending this free festival can choose to ether watch the flames from above  on the banks of the Providence river or choose to ride around on the Providence River Boat  or romantic gondola, on the river.  We have experienced both and they are good options but book ahead.

There are fire twirlers and actors that dress up like gargoyles or statues who stand still around the river, they are the perfect stop to take a picture!  Each WaterFire Festival is different with special themes These themes correlate with the specific set of events that occur throughout the festival.  There have been performances by local theaters, famous composers, and local dance companies.  Last year WaterFire started to offer free dance classes during the festivals at the corner of Weybossett and Westminster Streets.  WaterFire is not just a lighting of the basins, it is so much more than that. It is a festival that gathers people from all over to enjoy what Providence has to offer.  Local shops, artisans, restaurants, and beverage sellers come together to sell their crafts.  Some of the Lightings are sponsored by Brown, Alex and Ani, Providence College, Volvo, National Grid, Banks, and other Foundations.  There is even a special lighting for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The Beautiful white marble capital building is light up in Pink at that time.   Here is a list of the sponsors and their specific dates click for the latest  WaterFire Schedule.


A full lightning includes more than 80 braziers from the Providence Place Mall all the way down the river.  A Basin Lighting includes the circle of twenty-two braziers in the Waterplace Park and the twelve braziers leading up to the Providence Place. A full lighting includes all of the exciting events that go from sunset to half past midnight.  It is worth the travel to Providence, Rhode Island!

Did you known that Historic Jacob Hill Inn has our own WaterFire Grand Suite!  Our most popular suite is equipped with a wall fountain just above the Jacuzzi for two and fireplace to watch while you soak.  This room also has a private sitting room with another fireplace, and amazing views of the property.  If you are a guest staying during a WaterFire Festival we also have directions to our “hidden” parking area which is away from the crowds and will help you avoid the traffic! Remember Historic Jacob Hill Inn is only a 10 minute drive to Providence.

WaterFire is about celebrating the beauty of Providence and about gathering together in one place to preserve and create memories.  The original is always worth seeing, for no other city can say they are the destination of the first WaterFire.

Winery’s near Providence

HOME-cheesewine (2)What is better than relaxing at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn with a glass of wine from a bottle you hand picked from a vineyard in Rhode Island? I do not think you can get much better than that! In Rhode Island there are about half a dozen or so vineyards ranging from family owned to company owned. Many of these vineyards are open year round. They offer tasting’s and some give tours where they explain the wine making process.

Newport Vineyards & Winery opened in 1977 and planted their first grapes there in that same year. The original owner was a retired Captain Richard Alexander, the land is now owned by John and Paul Nunes. The Nunes men own over 60 acres of land in which they grow their award winning wine-making grapes on. Newport Vineyards & Winery have won several awards for their wines and are in the top 50 vineyards in the country by Ice Wine. Newport Vineyards recently opened the Brix Restaurant which has foods that compliment their wines. The Vineyard also offer a hiking trail, yoga classes, farmer’s market, and concerts. Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury Hotel is less than an hour away from Newport Vineyards & Winery so why not go pick your own bottle and drink it in your room? For more information go to Newport Vineyards

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard is located in Little Compton Rhode Island. The land was originally sacred land owned by the Sakonnet Tribe. Once the Plymouth Settlers came over on the Mayflower they created a relationship with the Queen of the Sakonnet people. In 2012 Carolyn Rafaelian, the creator and president of Rhode Island based Alex and Ani jewelry, bought the vineyard. The name has changed to Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard and now hosts charity events, weddings, and concerts there. The vineyard is so well known because of the award winning grapes which produce wines such as Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Ports, and much more. There is a café that opens in the spring for visitors. Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard is only 45 minutes from the Historic Jacob Hill Inn and Providence Luxury Hotel For more information about this vineyard please visit Sakonnet Wine.

Diamond Hill Vineyards is a family owned vineyard in Cumberland, Rhode Island. The Berntson family opened the vineyard in 1976, since then the family has been producing over 4 acres of Pinot Noir, and 30 acres of other grapes for wine. This vineyard is especially known for making wines out of other fruits such as apples, blueberries, cranberries, and peaches which are mainly New England Fruits. Located just 20 minutes from Providence. For more information about this vineyard please visit Diamond Hill Vineyards

The Coastal Wine trail which reaches from Cape Cod through Rhode Island has recently extended into the East Coast of Connecticut only 45 minutes from Providence, Rhode Island. The coastal wine trail currently has a total of 10 vineyards. They have a fun passport promotion when visitors have it stamped they can enter into a contest to win several nice prizes. More information can be found at The Coastal Wine Trail

30 minutes east of Historic Jacob Hill Inn and the Providence Luxury Hotel is Westport Vineyards. It is owned by the Russell Family who also own the Buzzards Bay Brewery right next door. The Vineyard is on the coastline of Massachusetts which offers a perfect climate for their grapes. Being able to withstand all different types of weather, the grapes create crisp and award winning wines. Westport Rivers has won over 40 Gold Medals and 100’s of Silver Medals for their wines. The family that owns the vineyard has been open to the public since 1991, and has been growing grapes since the late 80’s. The vineyard hosts wine classes teaching guests about wines, paint nights, trivia nights, author nights, seminars, movie nights and more! If you are looking for more of a place to sit and eat and enjoy a glass of wine well the vineyard has that too! The Russell Gallery Wine Bar is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 5pm to 8 pm. It is an easy drive from Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury to Westport Rivers to enjoy a glass of wine or drive over to their brewery at Buzzards Brewery to enjoy a nice frost mug of beer. For more information please go to Westport Rivers.

A list of all of the vineyards in Rhode Island:

Diamond Hill Vineyards, 3145 Diamond Hill Rd. Cumberland, RI

Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyard, 162 West Main Rd., Little Compton ,RI

Greenvale Vineyards, 582 Wapping Road, Portsmouth, RI

Newport Vineyards and Winery, 909 East Main Rd., Middletown, RI

Langworthy Farm Winery, 308 Shore Rd., Westerly, RI

ShelaLara Vineyards and Winery 21-B Reservoir Rd., Coventry, RI

Nickle Creek Vineyard, 12 King Rd., Foster, RI

Westport Rivers, 417 Hixbridge Rd Westport MA just over the line

We have visited many of the vineyards and wineries around Rhode Island, so when you come to stay with us at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn or the Providence Luxury Hotel all you have to do is just ask. There are so many activities taking place at vineyards, the options are endless, Rhode Island has some amazing vineyards for you!

Finding a good beer in Providence

Now that St. Patrick’s Day is just a memory we thought we would write about the many local brewery’s.

Every day is a good day for a beer.

Check out all the information on our Sister property’s Providence Luxury Hotel Blog and come stay with us so we can drink a beer together.

Fifty Shades of Green in Providence

March Spring is about to arrive and this year in New England we need to think “Green”. We all know why, it is positive thinking that we will all see GREEN soon.

We have created fifty reasons to visit Providence, Rhode Island even before the melt.

1. Stay at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn a green property.
2. Stay at our sister property The Providence Luxury Hotel a green property.

You know where the “Fifty Shades” came from so let’s get this out of the way:

3. Stay at Historic Jacob Hill Inn, relax in a green room and read “Fifty Shades of Grey”.
4. Stay at The Providence Luxury Hotel, relax in a green room and read “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

Save some green with the following packages:
5. Stay in the Water Fire Grand Suite and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
6. Stay in the Vanderbilt Suite and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
7. Stay in the Newport Room and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
8. Stay in the Boston Room and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
9. Stay in the Providence Suite and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
10. Stay in the Plymouth Suite and get two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” *SRA.
11. Green is the color for March in Providence in honor of the Irish.
12. Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Newport March 14, 2015 at 11 AM.
13. Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston March 15, 2015 at 1 PM.
14. Attend the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Providence March 21, 2015 at Noon.
15. St. Patrick’s Day Lunch at the Old Grist Mill Tavern for Little Sisters of the Poor.
16. St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at the Old Grist Mill Tavern for Little Sisters of the Poor.
17. Drink Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day at the Old Grist Mill Tavern, Seekonk.
18. Drink Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day at the Lucky’s Bar & Grille, East Providence.
19. Drink Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day at Mc Bride’s Irish Pub, Providence.
20. Drink Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day at Fat Belly’s Irish Pub, Providence.
21. Drink Green Beer on St. Patrick’s Day at Trinity Brewery, Providence.
22. We can make your complimentary glass of Chardonnay green on request.
23. Have a Mint Chip Awful Awful at Newport Creamery, Seekonk.
24. Green Eggs and Ham on request for breakfast, Providence Luxury Hotel.
25. Green kiwi for breakfast at Historic Jacob Hill Inn.
26. Green is for saving the environment and we believe in that!
27. Green stands for reuse, recycle and being environmentally responsible that’s us.
28. Green space is open space which is what we have for you to enjoy.
29. We are over looking over Fifty acres of open space, green grasses very relaxing.
30. On Property their are over Fifty varieties of mature trees, bushes and plants.
31. See Green from the Water Fire Grand Suite and save green *SRA.
32. See Green from the Vanderbilt Suite and save green*SRA.
33. See Green from the Mansion Room and save green *SRA.
34. See Green from the Colonial Room and save green *SRA.
35. See Green from the Hideaway Suite and save green *SRA.
36. See Green from the Tiffany Room and save green *SRA.
37. See Green from the Club Room and save green *SRA.
38. See Green from the Newport Room and save green *SRA.
39. See Green from the Boston Room and save green *SRA.
40 See Green from the Providence Suite and save green *SRA.
41 See Green from the Plymouth Suite and save green *SRA.
42. See Green from the Nantucket Petite Suite and save green *SRA.
43. Look for a four leaf clover on the property, we do have them.
44. Green is my favorite color, you will see me wearing it most days.
45. Over fifty green glass collectables at the Inn.
46. Green is a traditional color used by the Jacob’s Hill Hunt Club (1924-1943) maybe because the staff was mostly Irish, green remains as a predominate color today.
47. Attend a Boston Celtics Game an see lots of green.
48. Play golf at the Fire Fly green in Seekonk.
49. Play golf on the green at the Hillside Country Club Rehoboth.
50. Save some green and get the “Fifty Shades of Grey” at the library.

*SRA = Some Restrictions Apply

Historic Jacob Hill Inn chosen as the Best!

Best of New England 2014

Recently The Historic Jacob Hill Inn was chosen by Country Living  as one of the “Best Hotels and Inns” in the Country.

See the Country Living article on line.

Country Living is one of the most popular American lifestyle Magazines, published by the Hearst Corporation since 1978. It is the definitive guide to country decorating, gardening, cooking and crafting. My personal source of inspiration during my whole adult life. I have kept a reference library of Country Living magazines that I go to for timeless ideas.

Earlier this summer we were chosen by another popular publication Yankee Magazine which is dedicated to covering New England: travel and home.

Historic Jacob Hill Inn was awarded by the editors as “The Best Rural Retreat” and featured in the Special Travel Guide “Best of New England”

We are very proud to be recognized by both classic magazines.


Beaches near Historic Jacob Hill Inn

Looking for the best beaches in our area?

Please reference our Blog Post on our Sister Site

Providence Luxury Hotel

Historic Jacob Hill Inn is popular with the College bound

ProvidenceIf you are planning a East Coast Ivy league tour, trying to decide between Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard or Brown, you will probably want to find the best bed and breakfast, to get a sense of the local culture. Although Brown University is the closest school to the Historic Jacob Hill Inn and a popular rest stop for both students and parents, there are many other local colleges that take full advantage of our bed and breakfast. In fact Rhode Island is known as the state with more students per capita than any other state in the United States.
Literally next door to Brown University is RISD which stands for Rhode Island School of Design. RISD offers art history, graphic design, film, animation, video, photography and visual arts programs. Students can share classes and a social life between RISD and Brown because they’re so close. More information on visiting Brown or RISD 
Many of our guests use the Inn as a place to relax after dropping their son or daughter off at Brown University or RISD to take a summer program, some stay and drive in for day programs, there are many options. More info on summer programs at Brown.

Providence College is about a 15 minute drive west of the Historic Jacob Hill Inn, just outside of the city PC has more of a “campus-y” feel. More information about PC tours.
Johnson & Wales University is known for culinary and hospitality, as well as international business programs. The Downtown campus is only 10 minutes from the Inn, more information of tours at J&W 

Roger Williams University is strong in Law and architecture programs, RWU is located on 140 acre campus overlooking beautiful Mt. Hope Bay in Bristol, RI only 20 minutes away from the Historic Jacob Hill Inn. More information on RWU tours 

Wheaton College is located in Norton, MA, which is an easy 30 minute drive away from the Inn. Wheaton College is small liberal arts college only about 1600 undergraduates. More information on visiting Wheaton 

Whether you are just looking, a beginning Freshman, visiting for parents weekend in the fall, searching for commencement lodging or coming to join your alumni for home coming at these schools or the many others that we did not mention in this blog. We are here at the Historic Jacob Hill Inn and our sister property the Providence Luxury Hotel waiting to make your stay the best you have ever had. One last link to check availability and a recommendation to book early!